Renesas EEPROM realizes high-speed, low power consumption and a high level of reliability by employing advanced MONOS memory technology, CMOS process and low voltage circuitry technology.

Serial EEPROM Features

  • Standard serial interface, I2C (2-wire system) path, SPI path direct connection with the microcomputer is possible
  • Data security function, write protection terminal, software write protection, improved data reliability
  • Wide operating voltage range of 1.8V - 5.5V corresponds to various types of system power
  • Wide temperature range of -40 °C - +85 °C, also supports hand-held machines
  • Supports high-speed mode 400kHz - 1MHz (I2C bus) 3MHz - 5MHz (SPI path) reading of high-speed data possible
  • Compact package, SOP-8/TSSOP-8, -14, set miniaturization


  • Cellular phone/Cordless phone/Fax: speed dialer, communication history management
  • TV/VTR/Remote control: channel, mode setting
  • Telephone switchboard, measurement equipment: application software, log data storage
  • Home electronic appliances: fine-tuning, managing usage history

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