The P8911 is a power management IC (PMIC) designed for notebook, desktop and embedded computing platforms. Renesas' P8911 enables next-generation client platforms to take full advantage of DDR5 memory to realize greater performance, density and reliability while reducing overall system power. The P8911 has been optimized from the previously announced P8900 server PMIC to meet the specific needs of the client and embedded application spaces. With over 50% reduction in package footprint vs P8900, the P8911 also features power delivery characteristics tailored towards smaller form factor memory modules that reside in systems that may operate on battery power for extended periods.


  • VIN_Bulk input supply range: 4.25 V to 5.5 V
  • Three Step Down Switching Regulators: SWA, SWB, SWC
  • Programmable dual phase and single phase regulator for SWA, SWB
  • Error injection capability  
  • Persistent error log registers
  • 2 LDO regulators: VOUT_1.8V, VOUT_1.0V
  • Secure Mode and Programmable mode of operation
  • Independently programmable output voltages, power up and power down sequence for switch regulators
  • Output power good status reporting mechanism
  • VIN_Bulk input supply protection feature : Input over voltage
  • Flexible Open Drain IO (I²C) and Push Pull (I3C Basic) IO Support
  • Flexible mechanism to enable switch regulators (w/VR_EN pin or VR Enable command on I²C or I3C Basic interface)
  • Idle Power State (P1 State)




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