If you are considering using the M66596/R8A66597 in industrial applications, please contact Renesas Electronics Corporation or an authorized Renesas sales representative.

The R8A66597 is a USB controller with built-in Renesas original USB host and USB peripheral conforming to USB 2.0 specifications that are suitable for embedded applications. The R8A66597, a high-order product in comparison with the M66596, is a USB controller equipped with two USB ports. The R8A66597 supports all USB transfer speeds and can connect up to one tier of external hub (*1), and consequently, it can flexibly support connection for a variety of different USB peripheral functions. Also, the R8A66597 can be operated on a 3.3V single power supply, and its wide-temperature optional products (*2) make it possible to address a wide range of embedded device products. The R8A66597 is developed using Renesas' original USB-IP, and can be smoothly integrated into a system LSI.

*1 When connected by the full-speed function via the hi-speed hub, the payload of 188 bytes or lower will be supported for Isochronous type.
*2 The Part No. of the wide-temperature optional product is R8A66597DFP.




  • DVD recorders
  • Mobile devices
  • Set-top boxes
  • Audio equipment
  • Digital still cameras (DSC)
  • Digital video cameras (DVC)
  • Printers
  • Storage equipment


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