The M66291 is a device controller, compliant with the Full-Speed USB2.0, and featuring the Full-Speed transfer mode. It comes with a USB transceiver circuit and supports all transfer types. The M66291 includes a built-in 3K-byte FIFO and offers up to seven endpoints. The M66291 supports various DMA modes owing to the built-in DMA interface (2-ch) and selectable polarity. In addition, the M66291 comes equipped with two interrupt pins, with selectable polarity and interrupt source options, connection to CPU of 5V power supply is available because the I/O power supply is 2.7V to 5.5V.

The M66291 is developed with Renesas' original, widely used Full-Speed USB IP, ensuring smooth upgrades to system LSIs for further developments. For evaluation tools of this group, please refer to "Software and Tools".

Note: Although "USB specification 1.1 compliant" is written in the M66291GP datasheet, the M66291 is also USB specification 2.0 compliant.




  • Printer, scanner, DSC, DVC
  • PC camera, multimedia speaker, terminal adapter, etc.
  • Support all PC peripheral using Full Speed USB


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