Renesas offers a broad telecommunications semiconductor portfolio, including products for access and transport, TDM switching, and voice processing. Renesas telecommunication ICs product offerings include:

  • A leading portfolio of T1/E1/J1 transceivers, LIU and framer products
  • Wide selection of time slot interchange (TSI) switches
  • Industry's highest density voice codec used in a variety of communications to
    enable and accelerate the convergence of voice and data networks.


Digital Subscriber Line Drivers

DSL line drivers for central office and customer premise equipment


Pulse code modulation codecs and caller identification products

Subscriber Line Interfaces (SLICs)

SLIC and ringing SLIC devices for telecom interface applications

T1/J1/E1 Interface Products

Analog front-end (AFE), line interface unit (LIU), and transceiver solutions

Time Slot Interchange (TSI) Digital Switches

Convert digital media streams between different types of networks

PLC Line Drivers

PLC line drivers for applications using HomePlug,, CENELEC-A, etc.

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