The TPS-1 Low-cost Solution Kit allows a simple and efficient PROFINET IRT device design using the market-proven TPS-1 PROFINET IRT device chip that combines easy integration, extraordinary robustness, and outstandingly low power dissipation.

Package Content

  • TPS-1 Development Board
  • Passive Adapter Board
  • USB cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • CD-ROM


  • Basic TPS-1 design for optimized cost
  • Single 5 V supply via USB (alternative ext. power supply connector)
  • GPIOs, host CPU interface and additional control signals (reset, watchdog, interrupt) available on standard multipoint connectors
  • Easy connection to Renesas (and competition) μC evaluation boards



Design & Development

Evaluation using this solution kit requires PROFINET technology components. Please obtain if necessary.

Software & Tools

Software Downloads

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Software & Tools - Software ZIP 153.50 MB
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