The R-IN32M3 module comes with all the necessary hardware and software required for industrial Ethernet support, including PROFINET, EtherNet/IPTM and EtherCAT® protocol stack. Software updates can also be used to update protocol specifications, so you can always get products that meet the latest protocol specifications to market quickly.

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  • Multi-protocol support for industrial Ethernet protocols PROFINET RT (MRP support), EtherNet/IP (DLR support) and EtherCAT
  • Modbus TCP supported by host CPU control
  • The protocol stack is built into the module and can be selected by specifying from the host CPU. (exclusive selection)
  • 2-port RJ45 Ethernet connector, 100Mbp/s (full duplex). Built-in switches for a variety of network topologies
  • Host CPU communication via SPI communication
  • Various host CPU sample apps are available for reducing development effort
    • EK-RA6M3/EK-RA6M4
    • Synergy SK-S7G2
    • RX66T
    • RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board
  • Log and configuration management via the “Management Tool” with integrated easy master capability




  • Industrial network slave applications
    • Sensors and transmitters
    • Gateways
    • Operator Terminals
    • Remote I/O solutions


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Introduction of Industrial Ethernet Module Solution