Renesas' DA728x family High-Definition (HD) Haptic Driver provides drive capability at up to 1kHz to cover the broad range of human touch sensitivity. With market-leading idle current consumption (360nA), Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) resonant frequency tracking capability, and low latency for tact button replacement applications, the DA728x family creates a buzz in smartphones, gaming platforms, wearables, and similar systems.

Haptic actuators and motors are diversifying at a rapid pace. Gone are the days of simple coin-cell type LRA motors and small ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass) pager motors. Today's haptic actuators offer different experiences for different markets. Whether it's a small pancake LRA for a smart-watch or a large, or a multi-directional, LRA for gaming controllers, Renesas' patented current drive outputs support all of these motors with up to 500mA of current.

DA728x SmartCanvas GUI Demo

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