The Production Line Tool (PLT) helps to increase throughput in volume test and programming of units centered around the Renesas Bluetooth® ICs.

In the PLT, the Golden Unit (GU) is a daughterboard mainly used for various purposes, including:

  • RF transmitter for the RF RSSI DUT test
  • RF receiver for the device Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) advertisement scan test
  • Audio tone generator for the audio test
  • Controlling the complex programmable logic device (CPLD)

The GU uses an SPI Flash memory mounted on the PLT board. The SPI Flash is pre-programmed with a specific production test firmware. If required, there are several ways to upgrade the GU firmware, either via the PLT’s GU JTAG connector or via the UART. The latest GU firmware can be found inside the latest PLT software release, under the executables\binaries\GU folder.

Note: PLT v4.1 and onwards requires the latest firmware version of the Golden Unit. If the Golden Unit firmware is not updated then the PLT applications will not run. The Golden Unit is calibrated during PLT production. It is delivered with a calibration characterization document.


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