The IDT82V2042E can be configured as a dual channel T1, E1 or J1 Line Interface Unit. The IDT82V2042E performs clock/data recovery, AMI/ B8ZS/HDB3 line decoding and detects and reports the LOS conditions. An integrated Adaptive Equalizer is available to increase the receive sensitivity and enable programming of LOS levels. In transmit path, there is an AMI/ B8ZS/HDB3 encoder and Waveform Shaper. There is one Jitter Attenuator, which can be placed in either the receive path or the transmit path. The Jitter Attenuator can also be disabled. The IDT82V2042E supports both Single Rail and Dual Rail system interfaces. To facilitate the network maintenance, a PRBS/QRSS generation/detection circuit is integrated in the chip, and different types of loopbacks can be set according to the applications. Four different kinds of line terminating impedance, 75 Ω,100 Ω, 110 Ω and 120 Ω are selectable on a per channel basis. The chip also provides driver shortcircuit protection and internal protection diode and supports JTAG boundary scanning. The chip can be controlled by either software or hardware. The IDT82V2042E can be used in LAN, WAN, Routers, Wireless Base Stations, IADs, IMAs, IMAPs, Gateways, Frame Relay Access Devices, CSU/DSU equipment, etc.


  • Dual channel T1/E1/J1 short haul line interfaces
  • Supports HPS (Hitless Protection Switching) for 1+1 protection without external relays
  • Programmable T1/E1/J1 switchability allowing one bill of material for any line condition
  • Single 3.3 V power supply with 5 V tolerance on digital interfaces
  • Meets or exceeds specifications in
    • ANSI T1.102, T1.403 and T1.408
    • ITU I.431, G.703, G.736, G.775 and G.823
    • ETSI 300-166, 300-233 and TBR12/13
    • AT&T Pub 62411
  • Software programmable or hardware selectable on:
    • Wave-shaping templates
    • Line terminating impedance (T1:100 Ω, J1:110 Ω, E1: 75 Ω/120 Ω)
    • Adjustment of arbitrary pulse shape
    • JA (Jitter Attenuator) position (receive path or transmit path)
    • Single rail/dual rail system interfaces
    • B8ZS/HDB3/AMI line encoding/decoding
    • Active edge of transmit clock (TCLK) and receive clock (RCLK)
    • Active level of transmit data (TDATA) and receive data (RDATA)
    • Receiver or transmitter power down
    • High impedance setting for line drivers
    • PRBS (Pseudo Random Bit Sequence) generation and detection with 215-1 PRBS polynomials for E1
    • QRSS (Quasi Random Sequence Signals) generation and detection with 220-1 QRSS polynomials for T1/J1
    • 16-bit BPV (Bipolar Pulse Violation) / Excess Zero/ PRBS or QRSS error counter
    • Analog loopback, Digital loopback, Remote loopback and Inband loopback
  • Adaptive receive sensitivity up to -20 dB (Host Mode only)
  • Non-intrusive monitoring per ITU G.772 specification
  • Short circuit protection and internal protection diode for line drivers
  • LOS (Loss Of Signal) detection with programmable LOS level (Host Mode only)
  • AIS (Alarm Indication Signal) detection
  • JTAG interface
  • Supports serial control interface, Motorola and Intel Non-Multiplexed
  • Interfaces and hardware control mode


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Active TQFP 80 Yes Tray
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Datasheets & Errata
82V2042E Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.39 MB
Application Notes & White Papers
AN-854 Competitive Comparison Analysis on Octal LIU Application Note PDF 118 KB
AN-853 Application Considerations Using 82V204 to Replace LXT384 Application Note PDF 162 KB
PCN# : A1606-02 Add Greatek Taiwan as Alternate Assembly Product Change Notice PDF 567 KB
PCN#: A-0410-02, Change IDT marking logo with new IDT gridless w Product Change Notice PDF 24 KB
PCN# : A-0610-02 ASAT China as Alternate Facility for CABGA/CVBGA/FPBGA/TQFP/PQFP Product Change Notice PDF 252 KB
A-0603-04 Transfer TQFP and PQFP from ASAT HK to ASAT China Product Change Notice PDF 164 KB
PCN# : T-0603-01 Product Stepping Change Product Change Notice PDF 88 KB
PCN A-0506-03; Packing Material Change Product Change Notice PDF 290 KB
PCN#: A-0310-01, Green Products Product Change Notice PDF 26 KB
82V2042E TQFP-80 BSDL Model - BSDL BSDL 13 KB