Programmable clock generators (also called programmable timing devices) allow designers to save board space and cost by replacing crystals, oscillators, programmable oscillators, and buffers with a single timing device. This makes them well-suited for consumer, data communications, telecommunications, and computing applications. These devices are often referred to as programmable clock generators, programmable PLL clock generators, or low-power programmable clock generators. The Renesas programmable clock generator families include, among others, Universal Frequency Translators (UFT™), FemtoClock® NG, VersaClock®, and MicroClock™ each providing a different level of jitter performance, power consumption, flexibility, and cost.

3rd Gen Universal Frequency Translator: Ultra-High Performance

The UFT family of programmable clock generators is optimized for high-performance optical networks, wireless base stations, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) interface applications. These devices are the industry’s first single-chip programmable clock generators capable of generating eight different output frequencies with less than 300 femtoseconds (fs) RMS phase jitter over the standard 12kHz to 20MHz integration range. The 3rd generation UFT family of programmable clock generators offers eight independently programmable clock outputs with the flexibility to apply virtually any input frequency and select virtually any output frequency.

FemtoClock NG and VersaClock 6: Very High Performance, Low Power

Renesas FemtoClock next-generation (NG) devices are standalone programmable clock generators/programmable oscillators that replace crystal and SAW oscillators in high-performance applications. Employing a simple, low-cost, fundamental-mode quartz crystal as the low-frequency reference, these programmable oscillators synthesize high-quality, low-jitter clock signals with < 500 fs of RMS phase jitter, up to 1.3GHz. VersaClock 6 offers the features and flexibility of the award-winning VersaClock 5 family with the best performance to date.

VersaClock 3S: Very Low Power, General Purpose

The VersaClock 3S devices deliver innovative power-saving features while saving board space by eliminating the need for multiple discrete timing components. Delivering low power and low jitter scalability, the VersaClock 3S devices meet requirements for widely used standards including PCI Express® Gen 1/2/3, and are ideal for consumer, industrial, computing, and automotive applications.

MicroClock: Ultra-Low Power, Tiny Package

The Renesas MicroClock family of ultra-low-power, miniature programmable clock generators help maximize battery life and decrease the solution size of wearables, hearables, smart devices, and embedded systems. Each device includes three outputs, selectable frequency options from 1MHz to 100MHz and configurable spread spectrum clocking to reduce EMI for your customer's designs.

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