RF synthesizers generate a wide range of high frequencies from a single, typically lower, reference frequency with an internal PLL. The output frequency is controlled by accessing the digital registers in the device through an SPI interface. The output frequency is generated by a fractional or integer ratio relative to the input signal.

Renesas offers very low phase noise, low spurious RF synthesizers that address the challenges of frequency generation for high-performance mixers, modulators, and demodulators in RF board designs. The RF synthesizers are also used to directly provide a clock reference to high-speed RF converters (ADC/DAC). The output frequency range incorporates low MHz to 18GHz.

The devices feature an integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with a large tuning range capable of providing multi-band local oscillator (LO) frequency synthesis, limiting the need for multiple narrow band RF synthesizers. This reduces the bill of materials and the design complexity, lowering the cost of developing radio frequency products. They provide solutions that address the challenges of frequency generation for high-performance mixers and demodulators in RF board designs.

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This video introduces a next-generation wideband mmWave synthesizer with the industry’s highest performance and unique set of features optimized for 5G and broadband wireless applications. The flagship 8V97003 device is ideal as a local oscillator (LO) for mmWave and beamforming, or a precision reference clock for a high-speed data converter in numerous applications such as test and measurements, optical networking, and data acquisition.

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