The RC19002 is a 2-output PCIe Gen6 buffer that is backward compatible to earlier PCIe generations. The RC19002 provides ultra-low additive jitter and reduced in-to-out delay performance for better design-margin and incorporates several features for easier and more robust design.


  • LP-HCSL outputs eliminate up to 8 terminated resistors
  • PCIe Gen 1–6 compliance
  • Drive both source-terminated and double-terminated loads
  • Selectable 85Ω and 100Ω output impedance
  • Open-drain LOS (Loss-Of-Signal) indication output
  • Power down tolerance (PDT)
  • Flexible startup sequencing (FSS)
  • Automatic clock parking (ACP)
  • Dedicated OE# pins to control group output
  • 3 × 3 mm 20-VFQFPN package


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