Industry-leading PCI Express Clock Solutions

Renesas has a history of firsts in PCI Express clocking and timing:

  • PCIe Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, Gen4 and Gen5 clocking solutions
  • Very-low power PCI Express clock generator (1.8V/1.5V)
  • Ultra-low power HCSL outputs to replace standard-HCSL outputs for power savings up to 85%
  • Dynamic frequency control for over/under clocking and margining
  • Incorporation of multiple PLLs in a single device to save power and board space

Renesas' expertise in leading CPU platforms supports all your design needs for processor clocking from personal PCs to cloud servers. Find your ideal solution of clock generators and buffers to motherboard clock generators or motherboard clock buffer.

Renesas recognizes that meeting strict requirements from tight jitter limits, BOM costs and board space can be challenging. We help you to meet requirements including PCI Express, SATA, USB, SAS, DMI, QPI, Hypertransport, Ethernet, etc., and the multiple socket CPU architectures. Learn more about Renesas' Clock Tree Design Service.

About PCI Express Clocks

PCI Express is the one of the most widely used high-performance peripheral interfaces in the world. From its origins in graphics, fields as diverse as high-performance computing, servers, storage, networking, instrumentation and consumer have adopted PCI Express. This broad application space requires multiple PCI Express clock solutions optimized for the different performance, BOM cost and board-space tradeoffs that each application demands. Renesas' strong position with leading computing, networking and consumer customers and our participation on the appropriate standards bodies allows us to offer the ideal PCI Express clock and timing solutions (in short, PCIe clocks) for any application.

Featured PCIe Clock Products

PCIe Clock Generators

Part Number Description Datasheet Order
9FGV1002 4-output PCIe Gen5 prog. clock generator with SSC pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now
9FGV1006 2-output PCIe Gen5 prog. clock generator with SSC pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now
9FGL08 8-output PCIe Gen5 clock generator with SSC pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now

PCIe Clock Buffers and Muxes

Part Number Description Datasheet Order
9DBL0455 4-output 3.3V PCIe Gen1–5 clock fanout buffer with LOS pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now
9ZXL0853E 8-output DB800ZL PCIe zero-delay/fanout clock buffer with SMBus write protection pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now
9DML4493 4:4 clock MUX for PCI Express Gen1–5 pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now

Server Platform Clocks

Part Number Description Datasheet Order
9SQ440 CK440Q PCIe Gen5 server clock generator pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now
9QXL2001 20-output PCIe Gen5 fanout clock buffer pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now
9ZXL1951D 19-output DB1900ZL PCIe zero-delay/fanout clock buffer pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now

Three Basic PCIe Reference Clock Architectures

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Download: PCI Express Timing Solutions Overview (PDF)
Download: PCIe Reference Clock Jitter Measurements for Gen5 and Beyond (PDF)
Download: Clock Distribution Overview (PDF)


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