What is a Clock Synchronizer?

Clock Synchronizers are critical elements of systems that comprise the world’s Communications Infrastructure, including base stations, radio network controllers, wireless backhaul equipment, routers, gateways, PONs (Passive Optical Networks), DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer), multi-service switching platform, and transmission equipment. They generate outputs which are phase, frequency, and time synchronized to references provided. Phase synchronization is achieved by ensuring the rising edges of the outputs are consistent with the rising edges of the reference input clock. Frequency synchronization is achieved by ensuring that the frequency of the output is ratiometrically consistent to the frequency of the input. Time Synchronization ensures that there is an accompanying signal for the output which identifies the time of day when the data (that is being transmitted alongside the clock) was first received. 

How to choose a Clock Synchronizer: 

Renesas' synchronization solutions leverage multiple technologies, including digital clock synthesizers and analog PLLs, sometimes in a single chip. The digital synthesizers ensure compliance to standards and perform clock monitoring, hitless reference switching and wander filtering; the analog PLLs translate frequencies and deliver low jitter clocks. The ClockMatrix series of devices is the best place to start looking for synchronization solutions. If you are interested in more basic functions, Zero Delay Buffers may also warrant consideration. 


IEEE 1588 and Synchronous Ethernet Clocks

Solutions designed for synchronization over packet switched networks

PDH and SONET/SDH Clocks

WAN PLLs designed for synchronization of PDH, SONET/SDH and TDM equipment.


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IDT ClockMatrix™ Timing Solution for 100Gbps Interface Speeds (IEEE 1588, OTN, and SyncE)

Introducing the IDT ClockMatrix™ family of devices - high-performance, precision timing solutions designed to simplify clock designs for applications with up to 100 Gbps interface speeds. 

They can be used anywhere in a system to perform critical timing functions, such as clock generation, frequency translation, jitter attenuation and phase alignment. A range of devices in the family support BBU, OTN, SyncE, synthesizer and jitter attenuator applications with several density options for each.

For more information, visit www.idt.com/clockmatrix.