The R-Car V3U SoC, based on the R-Car Gen 4 architecture, is the latest member of the open and innovative Renesas autonomy platform for ADAS and AD. The platform offers scalability from entry-level NCAP applications up to highly automated driving systems with the R-Car V3U providing up to 96k DMIPS and 60TOPS. The SoC integrates multiple sophisticated safety mechanisms that provide high coverage with fast detection and response for random hardware faults, achieving ASIL D metrics for the majority of the SoC processing chain, as well as reducing design complexity, time to market and system cost. It delivers highly flexible DNN (Deep Neural Processing) and AI machine learning functions. Its flexible architecture can handle any state-of-the-art neural networks providing up to 60 TOPS with low power consumption allowing air cooling systems. The R-Car V3U comes with an open and integrated development environment that enables customers to take advantage of the R-Car platform’s built-in hardware benefits, as well as low power consumption and deterministic real-time software to enable fast time-to-market for computer vision and deep learning-based solutions.


  • 8 Arm® Cortex®-A76 for application programming, configurable in LockStep Mode
  • Dual Cortex-R52 LockStep cores to run AUTOSAR
  • Dedicated CNN IP delivering 60 TOPS, capable of handling any state-of-the-art neural networks for automated driving
  • High-speed processing of algorithms like optical flow, object detection and classification
  • Dual DSP for Radar processing
  • Integrated ISP enables high level of integration for reduced cost
  • Multiple communication interface such as Ethernet AVB, CAN and FlexRay for in-vehicle communication
  • Multiple PCIe enabling easy scaling of V3U in increase overall system performance
  • Integrates multiple safety mechanisms that provide high coverage with fast detection and response for random hardware faults, achieving ASIL D metrics for the majority of the SoC processing chain
  • Open solution supported by Renesas and R-Car Consortium partners




  • Automated Driving
  • Automatic Parking & Surround View
  • NCAP 2025 5 Stars
  • Passenger Car, Commercial and Off Road vehicles
  • Industrial application (Survey camera, …)


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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

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e² studio for R-Car
Integrated Software Development Environment. Innovative and Open Development Environment in order to ease SW Development for Computer Vision and Deep Learning Algorithms.
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Atlas Camera Optimization Suite for R-Car by Algolux
The Atlas Camera Optimization Suite is the industry’s first set of machine learning tools and workflows that automatically optimizes camera architectures for optimal image quality or for computer vision. Through a secure cloud-enabled interface, Atlas significantly improves computer vision results in days vs. traditional approaches that deliver suboptimal results even after many months of manual ISP tuning.
Software Package Algolux
Autobrains AI Solution
Autobrains provides video perception SW. Revolutionary, self-learning AI leveraging R-Car V Series assets.
Software Package AutoBrains Technologies Ltd.
RT-RK - Expertise on Renesas' Computer Vision and CNN
Consulting and services on computer vision and machine learning to optimize the performance of Tier 1 and OEM algorithm on Renesas products
Software Package RT-RK
Safety Support Program Consultancy for R-Car Automotive Applications
AVL Software and Functions GmbH provides System FuSa Consultancy for Renesas R-Car SOCs
Software Package AVL Software and Functions GmbH
RoX Software Development Kit
The RoX SDK is an easy-to-start & easy-to-use development framework for the R-Car SoCs.
Software Package Renesas
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R-Car V3U Processor for Automated Driving

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms such as neural networks play a key role in achieving automated driving capabilities. The R-Car V3U system-on-chip (SoC) offers 60 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS) of neural network accelerator performance. The V3U offers this high performance at an industry's best TOPS per watt power consumption. Renesas offers an extensive and highly flexible toolchain for neural network development for easy embedded deployment. And, e2 studio, an Eclipsed-based integrated development environment (IDE) is offered for efficient software development. The R-Car V3U development boards and environment are available for the development of ADAS and automated driving vehicle applications.