The ISL78714BMS5XBEKIT1Z is a reference design kit that facilitates testing of the ISL78714 Li-ion battery pack analog front-end ICs and the Renesas RH850 microcontroller (MCU) in an automotive battery management system (BMS) solution. The RH850 communicates with the ISL78714 devices to monitor cell voltage, pack temperature and current, record significant fault detection, and control cell balance. The ISL78714 contains daisy chain hardware to provide robust, isolated communication between batteries. The RH850 can interface to multiple CAN, LIN, UART, and RS-485 buses and control multiple PWM outputs.

The reference design kit operates as an example of a complete automotive battery management system for up to 70 series connected Li-ion cells.


  • Monitors up to 70 series connected cells (5 ISL78714 devices)
  • Measurement of negative cell voltages supports bus bar connections
  • Up to 6 external temperature inputs (two available from GPIOs) per ISL78714
  • The board includes hardware and software for monitoring the cell voltages and pack current in a pseudosimultaneous operation, providing all cell voltages and pack current within a 10ms acquisition window
  • Capacitively coupled on-board daisy chaining between each ISL78714 device
  • Host RH850 MCU communicates with the BMS analog front end through an isolated SPI port
  • 3 CAN buses
  • 2 LIN buses
  • 1 RS-485
  • 6 PWM outputs
  • 1 RS-232 UART (GUI) interface
  • Real-time clock
  • GUI monitors operation through an RS-232 port. CAN bus monitoring is also available
  • Available Complex Device Driver s/w follows AUTOSAR, Aspice, and ISO26262 ASIL-D development processes.
    • Configuration & integration of required MCAL modules provided by Renesas for the RH850 MCU



  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and Electric Vehicle (EV) battery packs
  • Electric motorcycle battery packs
  • Backup battery and energy storage systems requiring high accuracy management and monitoring
  • Portable and semi-portable equipment


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Automotive BMS Application Model & Software
BMS application models and software reduce the effort and time required to develop applications to estimate State Of Charge and State Of Health.
Software Package Renesas
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Battery Management Solution for Electric Vehicles

In electric vehicles today, there are two key parameters, the state of health and the state of charge. Renesas' Battery Management Solution (BMS) device supports these parameters. This demonstration highlights Renesas' ISL78714 automotive-grade Li-ion battery manager IC and the RH850/P1M 32-bit automotive microcontroller (MCU). In addition to the ISL78714 battery manager IC and RH850 MCU, the demo board is supported by a host of other Renesas products including the RAA270005 power management IC (PMIC), RV1S2752Q photocoupler, and the uPD166031A/32/33/34 and RAJ2800024/34/44 integrated power devices (IPDs).