The ICM7218 series of universal LED driver systems provide, in a single package, all the circuitry necessary to interface most common microprocessors or digital systems to an LED display. Included on-chip are an 8-byte static display memory, two types of 7-segment decoders, multiplex scan circuitry, and high current digit and segment drivers for either common cathode or common anode displays. The lCM7218A and 1CM7218B feature two control lines (WRITE and MODE) which write either 4 bits of control information (DATA COMING, SHUTDOWN, DECODE and HEXA/CODE B) or 8 bits of display input data. Display data is automatically sequenced into the 8-byte internal memory on successive positive going WRITE pulses. Data may be displayed either directly or decoded in Hexadecimal or Code B formats. The ICM7218C and lCM7218D feature two control lines (WRITE and HEXA/CODE B/SHUTDOWN), 4 separate display data input lines, and 3 digit address lines. Display data is written into the internal memory by setting up a digit address and strobing the WRITE line low. Only Hexadecimal and Code B formats are available for display outputs.


  • Microprocessor compatible
  • Total circuit integration on-chip includes:
  • Digit and segment drivers
  • All multiplex scan circuitry
  • 8-Byte static display memory
  • 7-Segment Hexadecimal and Code B decoders
  • Output drive suitable for LED displays directly
  • Common anode and common cathode versions
  • Single 5V supply required
  • Data retention to 2V Supply
  • Shutdown feature - turns off display and puts chip into low power dissipation mode
  • Sequential and random access versions
  • Decimal point drive on each digit Related Literature




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