Open Audio Platform for High-End Active Headphones

With the rise of high-quality online media streaming, headphones are no longer a simple accessory – they are the gateway to entertainment. Renesas' SmartBeat™ DA14195 offers a simple route to active headphones with built-in audio processing. Based on industry-standard IP, this powerful System-on-Chip (SoC) enables headphones that control ambient noise and enhance content for truly immersive listening anywhere.

The DA14195 is an open audio platform for high-end active headphones. It combines extremely low power consumption with impressive processing performance in a small package. As a result, it allows users to develop attractive looking headphones that deliver top-end features such as ambient noise/echo cancellation, virtual surround sound and voice control. It supports up to 6 mics for beamforming and position-aware applications. Plus, it handles high-end audio signals such as 192kHz, 32-bit pulse-code modulation (PCM) for the ultimate sound quality.


  • Enables ambient noise cancellation
  • Supports high voice quality
  • Noise reduction
  • Voice enhancements
  • Echo cancellation
  • Supports high-end audio up to 192kHz, 32-bit PCM
  • Supports voice control for hands-free calling
  • Extensive range of digital audio interfaces (SPDIF, PDM, SPI, UARTs, I2C, etc.)


  • 81-balls, 0.4mm wafer-level chip-scale package (WLSCP)


  • Single co-processor platform for Bluetooth®, USB and analog headphones
  • 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0 MCU operating at up to 165MHz
  • 32-bit Cadence (Tensilica) HiFi 3 DSP operating at up to 290MHz
  • USB 2.0 HS/FS interface (compatible with USB 3 Type C)
  • Multiple HCI clocking schemes for Bluetooth integration
  • Triple stereo hardware sample rate converter up to 192kHz
  • Dual input 10-bit ADC
  • Supports external QSPI Flash
  • Integrated battery management for Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries



  • USB headphones
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Analog active headphones
  • USB headsets
  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Position-aware applications; i.e., desk phones


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