Renesas offers a broad portfolio of display ICs including gamma buffers, DC/DC regulators, and digitally controlled potentiometers (DCPs) that provide a complete analog solution for high-performance LCD displays. Combined, these products provide the analog supply voltage, Vcom reference, voltage-on and voltage-off bias voltages, and the gamma reference voltages that feed the column drivers in LCD displays. Renesas' DC/DC regulators power the low voltage digital ICs used in LCD displays and DCPs control the LCD contrast and brightness.


Display Processors

LCD/TFT processors and controllers, video format converters and video decoders

Integrated TFT-LCD DC-DC Regulators

High-efficiency display power supplies and LED drivers, PMICs, and more

LED Backlight Drivers

Dimming solutions for a wide variety of ambient lighting conditions

Vcom Calibrators & Calibrators with Amplifiers

Calibrators to remove flicker in LCD panels by adjusting the VCOM voltage

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