The D2-4P (D2-45057 and D2-45157) devices are complete System-on-Chip (SoC) Class-D digital audio amplifiers. These devices combine high performance integrated Power Stages, an optimized Audio Processor feature set, and a PWM controller to offer a complete, powerful, and very cost effective audio solution for high volume and cost-critical products. This 4th generation Digital Audio Processor (D2-4P) device combines extensive integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) audio processing with amplifier control for a complete audio solution. Its ease of integration into the existing system processor provides complete support for all system product and amplifier functions. The four configurable Power Stages operate as four separate Half-Bridge outputs, as two Full-Bridge outputs, or in combinations of Half-Bridge plus Full-Bridge, which provides flexible loudspeaker drive solutions. Separate PWM outputs provide additional combinations to drive headphone outputs or line level stereo and subwoofer outputs.


  • All digital Class-D amplifier and controller with integrated Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Four integrated Power Stages supporting: 2 Channels, Bridged, 4 Channels, Half-Bridge, 2 Channels, Half-Bridge, plus 1 Channel, Bridged
  • Output power (bridged): 25W (8Ω, <1% THD); 30W (8Ω, <10% THD)
  • Fully programmable Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Includes D2 Audio DSP Sound Enhancement Algorithm and DTS®(SRS) WOW/HD™ Audio Enhancement Algorithms
  • I2S and S/PDIF™ digital audio inputs
  • Asynchronous sample rate converters; sample rates from 32kHz up to 192kHz
  • Wide 9V to 26V Power Stage HV supply range, plus internally-generated gate drive supply
  • Temperature and undervoltage monitoring and individual channel protection




  • PC/Multimedia Speakers
  • Digital TV Audio Systems
  • Portable Device Docking Stations
  • Powered Speaker Systems


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