The DA7219-EVAL evaluation board has been designed to allow measurement and functional testing of the DA7219 ultra-low power audio codec with advanced accessory detect.

All analog and digital audio functionalities are contained within the DA7219 evaluation board (EVB) as well as the control interface. The EVB can be controlled via a PC using the on-board USB microcontroller or from a host system via the provided headers. The board is supplied with a USB memory stick containing supporting documentation and the Windows based control GUI to allow the user to configure the DA7219 device. The GUI, called SmartCanvas™, uses a simple graphical interface, allowing the DA7219 to be controlled via a PC. A SmartCanvas user guide is available upon installation. Additionally, the EVB has a number of jumper links to allow the user to change the system configuration enabling them to make required measurements.



  • Chromebooks
  • Portable audio applications
  • Tablets and eReaders
  • Headphone accessories
  • Remote controllers
  • Gaming controllers


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