The ARD-AUDIO-DA7212 is an audio shield module that can be used with a number of MCU development platforms due to its compatibility with the Arduino™ R3 pin layout. The audio shield can be used with commercially available development platforms such as Freescale "Freedom", Intel "Galileo", Microchip "chipKIT" and Arduino. The ARD-AUDIO-DA7212 shield features the DA7212 audio codec.

DA7212 is an ultra-low power audio codec ideal for standalone audio/video digital processors, IC recorders and many other portable applications. The audio front-end simultaneously supports stereo FM line input with four analog (or two analog and two digital) microphones with two independent microphone biases. Comprehensive analog mixing and bypass paths to the output drivers are available. The headphone output is true-ground Class G with an integrated charge pump. There is also a differential Class AB speaker driver that can serve as a mono lineout.


  • DA7212 two-channel audio codec with capless headphone driver for portable media players
  • 3.5mm stereo AUX input jack socket
  • Smartphone-compatible headset connection on a 4-pole, 3.5mm jack socket
  • Interchangeable GND and MIC routing to the smartphone jack allows multiple headsets to be supported
  • Compatible with MCU development platforms based on the Arduino™ R3 pin layout



  • Personal media players
  • Audio headphone/headsets
  • Embedded applications
  • Arduino compatible development systems
  • Wearables


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