The μPC842A is a high-speed version of the single-power general-purpose operational amplifier μPC1251, realizing high-speed response and high stability. A High-Speed PNP transistor is used in the circuit which improves the characteristics such as slew rate, gain-bandwidth product, stabilization of the withstand load capacitance, with no crossover distortion compared to μPC1251. As this is a high slew rate product, it is able to provide high-speed signal amplification and can be applied to a wide range of sensor applications such as motors. Moreover, due to its small package (MSOP), mounting on the vicinity of the sensor becomes possible, which makes the board smaller and increases design freedom.


  • AEC-Q100 Compliant
  • Absolute Maximum Ratings · Power Supply Voltage: -0.3 ~ +36 V · Operating Ambient Temperature Range: -40 °C ~ +125 °C
  • Electrical Characteristics · Power Supply Voltage (MIN. MAX.): +3 V to 32 V · Input Offset Voltage (TYP.): ±2.0 mV (V± = ±15 V) · Gain Bandwidth Product (TYP.): 3.5 MHz · Slew Rate (TYP.): 7 V/μs (V+ = 5 V, V- = GND)




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