The ISL28130ISENSEV1Z, ISL28133CSENSEV1Z, ISL28133ISENSEV1Z, and ISL28134ISENSEV1Z evaluation boards are designed specifically for low-side bidirectional current sensing up to 10A of current. The evaluation boards use a 1mΩ current sense resistor that is capable of handling 4W of power dissipation. These evaluation boards are separated into three categories: low cost (ISL28130ISENSEV1Z), low power (ISL28133CSENSEV1Z, ISL28133ISENSEV1Z) and low noise (ISL28134ISENSEV1Z).

The ISL28133CSENSEV1Z is designed specifically for low-side current sensing applications with up to 10A of current, while the ISL28133ISENSEV1Z uses the ISL28133 chopper amplifier in a high side, low side of floating supply current sense application.


<p><a href="/ISL28130">ISL28130</a></p><ul>
<li>Low input offset voltage: 40µV, max</li>
<li>Low offset drift: 150nV/°C, max</li>
<li>Input bias current: 250 pA, max</li>
<li>Quiescent current (per amplifier): 20µA, typ.</li>
<li>Low noise (0.01Hz to 10Hz): 1.1µV<sub>P-P</sub>, typ.</li>
<p><a href="/ISL28133">ISL28133</a></p><ul>
<li>Single micropower, chopper stabilized, RRIO operational amplifier</li>
<li>Low input offset voltage: 8µV, max</li>
<li>Low offset TC: 0.075µV/°C, max</li>
<li>Input bias current: 300pA, max</li>
<li>Quiescent current: 18µA, typ.</li>
<p><a href="/ISL28134">ISL28134</a></p><ul>
<li>5V ultra-low noise, zero drift rail-to-rail precision op amp</li>
<li>Low offset voltage: 2.5µV, max</li>
<li>Superb offset drift: 15nV/°C, max 250nV<sub>P-P</sub></li>
<li>No 1/f noise corner down to 0.1Hz<ul>
<li>Input noise voltage: 10nV/√Hz @ 1kHz</li>
<li>0.1Hz to 10Hz noise voltage</li>


  • Bidirectional current sense
  • Temperature measurement
  • Electronic weigh scales
  • Medical equipment

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ISL28134ISENSEV1Z User Guide Manual PDF 394 KB
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