The MK1705A generates a low EMI output clock from a clock or crystal input. The part is designed to dither the LCD interface clock or other clocks for ATI's flat panel graphIDT controllers. The MK1705A uses IDT's proprietary mixture of analog and digital Phase Locked Loop (PLL) technology to synthesize the frequency. It also uses IDT's patented technique to spread the frequency spectrum of the output, thereby reducing the frequency amplitude peaks by several dB. The MK1705A is designed to have the output spread centered around the input frequency. Refer to the MK1704A for spreading down from the input frequency or the MK1714-0x for a crystal input and the widest selection of spread rates and multipliers.


  • 8 pin SOIC package
  • Provides a spread spectrum output clock
  • Supports ATI's flat panel controllers
  • Accepts a clock input, provides same frequency dithered output
  • Good for all VGA modes from 40 to 167 MHz
  • Peak reduction by 7 dB - 14 dB typical on 3rd - 19th odd harmonIDT
  • Low EMI feature can be disabled
  • Operating voltage of 3.3V or 5V
  • Advanced, low power CMOS process




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