Renesas Electronics' EMMA Mobile series target to address the requirements for these markets, integrating all the necessary ingredients for the next generation portable multimedia devices: multi-core processor technologies, industry leading power management, latest digital audio/video encoding/decoding support, and extensive connectivity peripherals.

EMMA Mobile/EV2 integrates high-performance multimedia engine for decoding various digital audio/video formats up to Full HD resolution, and EMMA Mobile/EV2 with dual core CPU and state-of-the-art 3D graphics engine.

Function Overview

Item Function
Processor/Memory CPU Cortex®-A9 /NEON™ 533 MHz
I/D cache 32KByte, L2 cache 256 Kbyte
2CPU (/EV2)
AV Engine H.264 decode: BP/MP/HP Full HD (1920 x 1080)
MPEG2 decode: MP Full HD (1920 x 1080)
MPEG4 decode: SP/ASP Full HD (1920 x1 080)
VC-1 decode: SP/MP/AP Full HD(1920x1080)
AC-3decode Dolby digital 5.1 ch
2D/3D Graphics 14.7 Mpolgon/sec 500 Mpixcel/sec
SDRAM Controller MobileDDR-400 (200 MHz) / DDR2-533 (266 MHz) (32 bit SDRAM)
Flash Memory I/F NOR, NAND, eMMC
System Control
DMA, For audio exclusive use DMA, PMU, SMU, INTC, Timer
Image Processing
Image Resizer Resize
Rotator YUV/RGB image rotation (90-degree/180-degree/270-degree)
Image Composer LCD Output Image Composition
Peripheral Interface LCD I/F RGB565/666/888
Serial I/F UART (4 port)
I2C (2 port),
Multi-function serial (6 port) Note: selectable to SPI or Audio I/F
USB USB2.0 Host x 1/Device x 1
SD I/F 1-ch SD Memory Card Interface
3-ch SDIO interface
Camera I/F 8 bit parallel I/F
DTV I/F TS Serial
Others GPIO (interrupt capabilities configurable), PWM

EM/EV2 Evaluation Boards

Kyoto Microcomputer Co.


  • Cortex®-A9 with NEON™ (Media extension) (EV2 with dual processor core);
  • Flexible A/V engine capable of decoding Full-HD (1080p) contents for MPEG4, VC-1 and H.264 playbacks;
  • Supports built-in advanced interface with 3D graphics engine;
  • Supports USB, IIC, SD and various interfaces
  • Proven power management techniques utilized in mobile phone SoCs to offer industry-leading low power consumption during multimedia playbacks;
  • Supports both Mobile DDR and DDR2, flexibly enabling system designers to develop low-power portable applications, or cost-effective non-portable devices.




  • Portable multimedia devices


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