IDT's DAC demo board is suitable for dynamic performance evaluations from low to high output frequency configurations. A data-generation board can be used during design and prototype to generate various input test patterns and ease DAC performance analysis.


  • Software interface to easily program DAC parameters and data generation board
  • Single global clock input (SMA connector) needed for both generation and data sampling (in case used in combination with data-generation board)
  • JESD204B lanes up 10 Gbps (FMC-VITA-57 connector)
  • Direct access to both DAC outputs channels (SMA connector)
  • Single power supply
  • Interoperable with Xilinx ML605 and KC705 Dev kit
  • Interoperable with Altera Arria V GT Dev kit (through FMC connector)



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Manual - Hardware Log in to Download PDF 4.27 MB
Manual - Software Log in to Download ZIP 6.97 MB
Schematic Log in to Download ZIP 483 KB
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