Naoyuki Tsubaki
Naoyuki Tsubaki
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With the growing demand for infection control measures, device control by voice command is getting popular. While the voice recognition such as smart speaker is popular among people, some manufactures are recently considering applying it to embedded devices. The new approach is mostly considered based on its feasibility. Then, can you imagine how much processing you will need and how much recognition you can get from an embedded device?

We have released a demo based on our general-purpose 32bit MCUs RX family in our web page, which can be installed into a commercially available kit and tried on immediately.  If you have the kit, you can try it out and experience it yourself right now.

This time, we will introduce a demo using the RX72N, a flagship model of RX family. In this demo, the result of voice command operation is fed back with graphics and voice playback. For example, when you give a command “Turn on the TV”, the TV in the screen is turned on with the voice, “I turned on the TV”.  

RX72N demo


To install this demo, we will need to first install the RX72N Envision Kit, which is available for about 60USD at some online shops. Next, download the demo code from the Renesas web page and write it into the Kit using the free flash programmer software. For details about the demo, please refer to the attached Application Note.

Though the number of commands available is limited at this moment, you can still try voice recognition using an embedded device. You can do simple evaluation by adjusting the parameters such as the threshold values, noise suppression, and beam forming.

After your confirmation of an acceptable result, next step is to install the commands you would want to use and tune the hardware on the actual environment. At that time, please contact to Renesas for further support or to the vender of voice recognition software.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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