Yoshitaro Kondo
IoT Product Marketing
Published: June 16, 2021

Have you ever used an embedded real-time OS (a.k.a. RTOS)?

I didn’t find the need for an RTOS because I have been developing programs on the BLDC motors control and sending sensor data output serially.

However, with the recent trend of IoT, network connectivity has become part of the requirement. It is not realistic to implement a communication protocol such as SSL in bare metal and inevitably, I am being forced to use RTOS. 

Nowadays, we can easily get RTOS from major cloud vendors for embedded IoT devices for free. Though downloading an RTOS is easy, it seems quite tough to import it into the development environment and port it into the MCU. Therefore, we have implemented the function in Renesas' e² studio IDE, which realizes an RTOS project with only a few clicks.


Let's get it running!
It needs only 4 steps.

  1. Start by launching e² studio.
  2. Select File → New project → ‘Renesas C/C++ Project’ → ‘Renesas RX’→’Renesas CC-RX C/C++ Executable Project’.
  3. Enter the project name.
  4. Start the project by selecting the RTOS type/board used/MCU. 

** It also supports Azure RTOS from Apr. 2021.

Operation is completed using e² studio. Isn’t it simple?

CC-RX Sample


This function enables quick start of the RTOS program development in the environment you want.

In addition, e² studio ver.2021-07 and later supports the code generation function with smart configurator, which allows peripheral functions setting based on GUI. Please stay tuned!

For other information, application note on ‘OTA firmware update’ using AWS and sensor information visualization (English version will be released in July 2021) are also available.

We recommend the use of the “RX65N Cloud Kit” evaluation board, which has three types of sensors onboard, that can be connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi.

You can also use the setup guide video to help you evaluate the connection to the cloud almost immediately.

Click here for the e² studio, integrated development environment for Renesas MCU.
Click here for the RX65N Cloud Kit.
Click here for the setup guide video.
Click here for the application note “How to implement FreeRTOS OTA by using Amazon Web Services on RX65N”.
Click here for the English application note on sensor information visualization (it is scheduled to be released in July 2021).

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