Keita Kashima
Keita Kashima
Principal Marketing Specialist
Published: July 29, 2022

Is there anyone who would like to extend the lives of the battery of the IoT devices longer but is unsure of how to do it?
The RX family offers a low power consumption solution by combining the Cellular and FreeRTOS.

The sample code can be downloaded at:
RX Family Examples of Controlling to Low Power Consumption (Intermittent Operation) using LTE Cat-M1 Module (RYZ014A) and FreeRTOS


  • CPU: RX65N
  • Kit: CK-RX65N
  • Cellular Module: RYZ014A(LTE Cat-M1)

To achieve the low power operation using the Cellular module and the MCU device, it is necessary to combine the low power consumption function of each device.

As shown in the image below, the current consumption is reduced by repeating the execution process and standby operation periodically.


This target MCU RX65N can switch between the following five operation/standby modes. Users can select the suitable standby mode according to the target application.


Note 1. “Stopped (Retained)” means that internal register values are retained and internal operations are suspended. 
Note 2. “Stopped (Undefined)” means that internal register values are undefined and power is not supplied to the internal circuit. 
Note 3. Describe the value of the products with at least 1.5 Mbytes of code flash memory, D version and Typ.
Note 4. The case of power is not supplied to the standby RAM and USB resume detecting unit (USB0 only) and low power consumption function of the power-on reset circuit is enabled.

In addition, the Cellular module RYZ014A(LTE Cat-M1)has two low power consumption functions: eDRX (extended Discontinuous Reception) and PSM (Power Saving Mode).

By combining both the functions of the RX65N MCU and the Cellular module RYZ014A, it is possible to achieve low power operation that can maximize the battery life.


In the application note, we describe a low power consumption mode setting according to the use case, and also the intermittent operation demo sample code that can connect to the AWS cloud with FreeRTOS.

We also offer a low power consumption solution that combines the Firmware OTA via AWS and intermittent operation.

Video: RX MCU Low Power Consumption Operation with FreeRTOS by Amazon Web Service

We highly recommend you download the sample code for the RX low power consumption solution and utilize it to implement in customers’ products.

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