Roger Wendelken
Senior Vice President
Published: May 28, 2020

Collaboration is taking center stage as the rapid pace of IoT evolution increases the challenges IoT developers face in bringing their innovations from concept to market.

“How can I quickly get my project from prototype to production ready?”
“How do I ensure IoT security is built in from the beginning?”
“How do I make device to cloud happen quickly and securely?”

These questions are familiar ones, and together Renesas and Microsoft are answering the call. 

From the beginning of our collaboration in October 2019, we’ve focused on accelerating intelligent and secure IoT development to make enterprise-grade IoT development as easy and seamless as possible. How? With a complete chip-to-cloud IoT solution based on our MCUs and Microsoft Azure IoT building blocks that allows IoT developers to achieve quicker delivery time to market for their new connected solutions.

Streamlined device-to-cloud systems will provide customers with a simplified roadmap for getting products to market, including new and exciting device-to-cloud design experiences based on the RA, RX, and Renesas Synergy™ MCUs and RZ MPUs coupled with Microsoft Azure IoT building blocks, including Azure RTOS, Azure IoT device SDK for C, IoT Plug and Play, IoT Central and IoT Hub.


Path to Secure End-to-End Connectivity
We will enable out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Azure RTOS across our MCU and MPU portfolios over the next few months. Our Renesas Synergy Software Package already supports the core components of Azure RTOS and support for RA, RX, and RZ will follow.

In early April, we announced plans for the Renesas Synergy AE-Cloud2 and RX cloud kits to support Azure RTOS and other Azure IoT building blocks to simplify the IoT device-to-cloud experience and enable broad, seamless, and easy out-of-box support for Azure IoT.

And there is more collaboration and exploration to come.

This week, Microsoft Build tackled challenges that IoT developers face and highlighted advancements to solve these problems during the 48-hour digital developers conference.

In July, Renesas customers can take advantage of our AE-Cloud2 Kit, which showcases the best capabilities that Azure RTOS, Embedded C-SDK, and other Azure IoT building blocks have to offer.

We’re also teaming up with Microsoft on their Channel 9 IoT Show, where we’ll do a deeper dive into developing for quick and seamless device-to-cloud connectivity.

Stay tuned for many more exciting innovations throughout the year as we continue building a simple, intelligent, and more secure connection to the cloud together.

Resources to Get Started

Synergy Platform: Learn more about the Renesas Synergy Platform. The Synergy Software Package (SSP) integrates all the functionality needed to build IoT applications including Microsoft’s Azure RTOS, Application Frameworks, Libraries, HAL drivers, and Board Support Packages for the Synergy kits.

AE-Cloud2 Kit: Learn more about the AE-Cloud2 Kit which enables rapid evaluation, prototyping, and development of global LTE IoT cloud connected applications using the Synergy Platform.

AE-Cloud2 MQTT/TLS Azure Cloud Connectivity Solution: Microsoft Azure Cloud Connectivity using AE-Cloud2. This application example uses Azure RTOS to connect to Azure IoT Hub. Using detailed steps, this document instructs first-time Microsoft Azure users how to configure the Azure IoT Hub platform to run this application example demonstration.

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