Omer Cheema
Omer Cheema
Senior Director of IoT & Wi-Fi Business Division, IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit
Published: February 6, 2023

The DA16200MOD-DEVKT is a development kit that enables engineers and developers to easily build, test, and deploy IoT applications using the low-power highly integrated DA16200 system-on-chip (SoC). The kit comes with everything necessary to get started, including the DA16200 SoC, a development board, and a range of hardware and software tools. 

AWS Partner Device Catalog: What does it mean for the DA16200?

Adding embedded Wi-Fi connectivity to consumer, industrial, and home electronic devices and scaling them on cloud is made easier with AWS IoT. Essentially, being qualified with AWS means that the device has undergone thorough testing and validation by AWS. This is a major benefit for developers, as it allows them to have confidence in the reliability and performance of the DA16200MOD-DEVKT with AWS IoT Core when building their IoT applications.

In addition to the validation provided by AWS, being listed in the AWS Partner Device Catalog also means that the DA16200MOD-DEVKT is fully supported by AWS. This makes it easy for developers to connect the device to the AWS IoT platform and take advantage of the scalability and security of the cloud. 

We look forward to seeing the innovative IoT applications that will be built using the DA16200MOD-DEVKT in the future.
To learn more about the DA16200 Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi Modules Development Kit, click here.

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