Masashi Takemura
Masashi Takemura
Staff Product Marketing Specialist
Published: September 28, 2023

The RL78/G24 is a general-purpose microcontroller with CPU operation up to 48MHz and a Flexible Application Accelerator (FAA), providing the highest processing power among the RL78 family of MCU products.

3 Features of RL78/G24 MCU

Highest Processing Power of the RL78 Family MCUs 

The RL78/G24 is the first product of the RL78 family of MCUs to deliver a CPU operating frequency of up to 48MHz and it is equipped with a Flexible Application Accelerator (FAA) specialized for arithmetic processing, giving it the highest performance of the RL78 Family MCUs.

The FAA is a co-processor independent of the CPU and performs 32-bit multiplication, addition, and subtraction in a single cycle. As the FAA can operate independently of the CPU, inverter control, encryption, sensing, and other processes can be shared between the CPU and the FAA to improve processing speed.

Figure 1. Combined CPU and FAA Operation
Figure 1. Combined CPU and FAA Operation


Rich Timer Functions and Enhanced Analog Functions

The RL78/G24 has enhanced analog functions compared to previous RL78 MCU products. It has a built-in AD converter with a maximum conversion speed of 1µs and simultaneous sampling of three channels, a high-speed comparator with an output delay of 50ns, and 2 channels of 8-bit DC converters, which can be combined to operate as a 10-bit 1-channel converter. Various timer functions have also been extended from the previous RL78 products, making them ideal for motor and inverter control, power supply control, and lighting control.

Supports Industrial and Lighting Communications

The RL78/G24 supports SMBus/PMBus communication, which is an industrial communication standard. It also provides hardware support for DALI - the lighting communication standard - to further simplify design and reduce system costs.

Tools to Ease Development

Easy Initial Configuration with Smart Configurator

Use the Smart Configurator, a user-friendly GUI tool that enables automatic and easy generation of initial configuration programs. The Smart Configurator has a well-proven track record that is supported by many Renesas microcontrollers, enabling speedy and smart software development for customer applications. The FAA library can also be added with the Smart Configurator.

Evaluation Board for Immediate Trial and Evaluation Specialized for Solution Development

Two types of evaluation boards are available for the RL78/G24.

The RL78/G24 Fast Prototyping Board is an evaluation board specialized for prototype development. In addition to prototype development, various connectors are included as a standard to allow easy function expansion.

The Solution Evaluation Kit is an evaluation board specialized for the initial evaluation of solutions and is available in two types: one for motor applications and the other for power/lighting applications.

Figure 2: RL78/G24 Evaluation Boards
Figure 2: RL78/G24 Evaluation Boards

Accelerate Prototype Development with Arduino Libraries

The Fast Prototyping Board supports the Arduino IDE, and available Arduino libraries, allowing users to benefit from not only the RL78 assets but also the vast Arduino assets. With access to both libraries, users can implement ideas as early as possible. 

Visit Home · renesas/Arduino Wiki · GitHub to evaluate using the Arduino IDE.

Learn more about the highest performance MCU in the RL78 family of MCUs - RL78/G24 - and download sample software from In addition to the product information, you can also explore our power tools solution from Renesas Winning Combinations.

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