Currency counters are widely used products in most retail establishments. Typically, these counters feature a basic design consisting of little more than a motor-controlled counter. However, due to the prevalent issue of counterfeit currency, there is a significant market demand for currency counters that can accurately detect the legitimacy of banknotes. Such applications extend beyond the retail point of sales to include ATMs and other cash transactions, where speed, accuracy, and verification are essential. Our design addresses this market demand by offering a comprehensive system, incorporating the TMR sensor which ensures high accuracy through multiple scans.

System Benefits:

  • An MCU with high integration, USB for power supply, IrDA for support for multiple detection methods, and LCD for counter display
  • Accurate counterfeit detection
  • NFC for user authentication




  • Currency counter
  • Counterfeit bill detection

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16:9 CN096 CN096 CN096 AUX Power AUX Power AUX Power Triac 2 TRIAC TRIAC Photocoupler 2 Photocoupler Photocoupler Motor.11 Sheet.12 Sheet.13 M M Speaker speaker_8_ Sheet.23 Sheet.24 Sheet.25 Sheet.26 LDO LDO LDO UV Light UV Light UV Light IR Transceiver IR Transceiver IR Transceiver Touch Key Sheet.31 Sheet.32 Sheet.33 Sheet.34 Sheet.35 Sheet.36 Sheet.37 Sheet.38 Sheet.39 NFC Reader NFC Reader NFC Reader Connector Line Connector Arrow.55 Connector Arrow.58 Connector Arrow.63 Connector Arrow.68 Connector Arrow.69 Connector Arrow.70 Connector Arrow.72 Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.79 Triac 1 TRIAC TRIAC Photocoupler 1 Photocoupler Photocoupler Motor.83 Sheet.84 Sheet.85 M M Connector Arrow.86 Connector Arrow.87 Connector Arrow.88 Connector Arrow.89 Connector Line.90 Connector Arrow.91 Connector Arrow.92 Connector Arrow.95 Connector 1 12V AC 12V AC 12V AC 5V DC 5V DC 5V DC Connected signals line 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V Connector Line.101 Connector Arrow.104 Connector Arrow.105 Connector Line.106 Connector Line.107 Teller Counter Teller Counter Teller Counter Cash Blocker Cash Blocker Cash Blocker Button Button Button OLED OLED (128x64) OLED(128x64) Backup for Manual Operation Backup for Manual Operation Backup forManual Operation TMR Sensor TMR Sensor TMR Sensor Connector Arrow.67 MCU MCU MCU MCU GPIO 1 GPIO GPIO 16-BIT ADC 16-BIT ADC 16-BITADC SPI SPI SPI GPIO 5 GPIO GPIO I2C I2C I2C GPIO 2 GPIO GPIO GPIO 3 GPIO GPIO GPIO 4 GPIO GPIO
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