Renesas' Ultra-Small Fingerprint Sensor solution is a compact design meant for a USB dongle fingerprint authentication module. This is made possible via the high performance and security features of the RA6M4 microcontroller (MCU) which is provided in a very small package. Additionally, using modern USB-C in a cost-effective configuration with USB 2.0 data bandwidth/power supply range allows us to squeeze the fingerprint sensor application down to a 12mm x 12mm footprint (plus 8mm x 8mm for the USB-C connector itself).

System Benefits​:

  • 100% coverage of electronics by the Renesas products portfolio, except the fingerprint sensor itself.
  • Arm® Cortex®-M33 MCU with TrustZone®, secure crypto engine and full software package for easy implementation of secure applications.
  • Optional expansion allows for authentication in an industrial automation host using a galvanically isolated RS-485 bus connection.




  • USB dongle for security/industrial automation fingerprint authentication