This solution allows for the acquisition, process, analysis and understanding of visual images. The generation of digital metadata from the real world requires a high-performance MPU with artificial intelligence so that critical decision processes can then be performed. Unlike a single-board computer though, a System on Module (SOM) serves a special function, keeping the baseboard costs low as well as easier enhancement on embedded computer applications.

System Benefits:

  • Entry level dual Core ARM Cortex A-55 MPU
  • Dedicated high-speed HW AI inference (DRP-AI)
  • Wireless IoT Connectivity, incl. Wi-Fi, BLE & LTE Cat-M1
  • SMARC 2.1 Standard Compliance




  • Vision Applications
  • Smart Camera Sensor
  • Embedded, mobile mesh networks
  • Scalable industrial embedded computers

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EU121 WC Diagram # 6pt EU121 EU121 Line.254.785 DC/DC Buck 1 DC/DC Buck DC/DC Buck Line.797 Sheet.798 Sheet.799 PMIC PMIC PMIC Sheet.803 Sheet.805 Sheet.850 Sheet.851 Sheet.852 Sheet.853 Sheet.854 Sheet.855 Sheet.856 Sheet.857 Sheet.858 Sheet.874 Sheet.886 Connector.287 Connector.287.894 Connector.287.895 Connector.287.897 Connector.287.898 Connector.287.899 Connector.287.900 Connector.287.901 Connector.287.902 Connector.287.903 Sheet.904 Transducer head Sheet.927 Sheet.928 Sheet.929 Transducer head.930 Sheet.931 Sheet.932 Sheet.933 Transducer head.934 Sheet.935 Sheet.936 Sheet.937 Transducer head.941 Sheet.942 Sheet.943 Sheet.944 Transducer head.945 Sheet.946 Sheet.947 Sheet.948 Transducer head.949 Sheet.950 Sheet.951 Sheet.952 Transducer head.953 Sheet.954 Sheet.955 Sheet.956 Transducer head.957 Sheet.958 Sheet.959 Sheet.960 Transducer head.961 Sheet.962 Sheet.963 Sheet.964 Transducer head.966 Sheet.967 Sheet.968 Sheet.969 Transducer head.970 Sheet.971 Sheet.972 Sheet.973 Transducer head.974 Sheet.975 Sheet.976 Sheet.977 Label Text 10pt.262.978 12V, 3A 12V, 3A Label Text 10pt.262.980 5V, 5A 5V, 5A Label Text 10pt.262.982 3.0V 3.0V Label Text 10pt.262 1.1V, 5A 1.1V, 5A Label Text 10pt.985 3.3V, 1.5A 3.3V, 1.5A Label Text 10pt.986 0.6V, 1.5A 0.6V, 1.5A Label Text 10pt.987 1.2V, 3.5A 1.2V, 3.5A Label Text 10pt.988 1.8V, 0.6A 1.8V, 0.6A Label Text 10pt.990 1.8V / 3.3V, 03A 1.8V / 3.3V, 03A Label Text 10pt.991 1.8V / 2.5V / 3.3V, 03A 1.8V / 2.5V / 3.3V, 03A Label Text 10pt.992 1.8V / 2.5V / 3.3V, 0.05A 1.8V / 2.5V / 3.3V, 0.05A Label Text 10pt.262.1008 2.5V, ±1A 2.5V, ±1A Transducer head.1010 Sheet.1011 Sheet.1012 Sheet.1013 Sheet.876 Sheet.878 Sheet.881 Sheet.882 Sheet.883 Sheet.884 Sheet.885 Non-Renesas Component.809 DDR4 1GB DDR4 1GB Non-Renesas Component.297.810 eMMC 16GB eMMC 16GB Non-Renesas Component.819 USB Hub USB Hub Non-Renesas Component.820 2x PHY 2x PHY Non-Renesas Component.821 2x USB 2.0 (A) Connector 2x USB 2.0 (A)Connector Non-Renesas Component.822 microSD Connector microSDConnector Non-Renesas Component.823 UART Connector UARTConnector Non-Renesas Component.824 Micro USB (OTG) Connector Micro USB (OTG)Connector Sheet.877 Non-Renesas Component.887 2x RJ45 Connector 2x RJ45Connector NOR Flash NOR Flash NOR Flash Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Wi-Fi + Bluetooth LTE-M Module GM01Q LTE-M Module GM01Q LTE-M Module GM01Q VersaClock VersaClock VersaClock E2PROM E2PROM E2PROM Audio CODEC Audio CODEC Audio CODEC Sheet.826 Sheet.827 Sheet.828 Sheet.829 Sheet.830 Sheet.831 Sheet.832 Sheet.833 Sheet.834 Sheet.835 Sheet.836 Sheet.837 Sheet.838 Sheet.839 Connector.1034 Sheet.1035 RZ/V2L RZ/V2L RZ/V2L DC/DC Buck 2 DC/DC Buck DC/DC Buck
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