Ventilation in buildings is important, as lack of a good, clean air supply is detrimental to health and the quality of life. In the UK, ventilation requirements are part of building regulations. According to a report from market researcher BRE, it was estimated that poor housing costs the National Health Service in the UK £2.5bn in treatment costs. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to allergy, asthma and other chronic diseases. High levels of CO2 can lead to drowsiness, lack of concentration and headaches.

This solution provides a reference design for a BLDC fan controller in smart building automation applications with configurable limits.

System Benefits:

  • Precise, factory-calibrated sensors.
  • Energy efficient BLDC control for fans.
  • Activates the fan only when volatile organic compounds (VOCs), moisture or CO2 are detected.
  • High-performance MCU + FPU designed for motor control. The MCU has all the functions required for an efficient BLDC motor control solution.
  • Configurable alarm/interrupt output with static and adaptive levels.