The G3-PLC Alliance has called for OFDM-based power line communication (PLC) standards such as PRIME, to be the mainstream meter AMR communication method. Applications for PLC include smart building control, voice transmit, etc.

This solution uses a combination of the RX651 MCU and the CPX3 SoC PLC modem plus an ISL15102 line driver. Combined with the high-efficiency ISL85410/5 power buck converter, a solution utilizing PLC data transmission with over 1000+ peers plus management. The CPX3 is a PLC modem that transmits and receives data and then forwards it to the line driver in order to amplify and couple this signal to the AC line. The entire process fully complies with G3-PLC Alliance standards.


  • Full solution level support for G3/PRIME standards
  • Provide hardware package design support
  • High-performance peer-to-peer and networking communication