Water Level Measurement Reference Design

This reference design measures the water level with a one-channel self-capacitance electrode and a one-channel shield electrode using a Renesas capacitive touch key solution. Electrodes and liquid tanks need to be GND shielded with conductors, but the linear values can be measured with one channel of self-capacitance electrodes.


  • This is based on a Renesas capacitive touch key solution with high sensitivity and high noise immunity
  • High-performance, low-power microcontroller and touch IP achieve product system control and capacitive sensor detection
  • This can also be mixed with conventional touch keys (water level measurement + touch button)

Problems with Conventional Technology (Float Type, Weight Sensor) Are Solved by the Renesas Capacitive Sensor Application Reference Design


Hardware Information

Reference Design Application Notes Gerber Data
Water Level Measurement Demo Set RX130 Group Capacitive Water Level Measurement Demo Set Rev.1.00 (PDF | English, 日本語) Liquid Level Design Package (ZIP | English, 日本語)

Software Configuration

RX Firmware Contents Code Size
RX Family Capacitive Liquid Level Indicator Demo System Sample Software - Sample Code (ZIP | English, 日本語) Sample Program ROM: 55,621 bytes   RAM: 8,966 bytes
PC Software Contents Code Size
RX Family Capacitive Water Level Measurement Demo Level Monitor V1.00.00 - Software (ZIP)
Various measurements that are detected by the target board can be monitored
Executable EXE file -

Design & Development

Sample Code

Videos & Training

Water level measurement demo
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Capacitive Liquid Level Indicator

This reference design solution shows water level measurement using a capacitive touch electrode and the capacitive touch sensor unit feature of the RX130 MCU.