A smart all-in-one pressure cooker makes cooking super easy. In this design, the smart pressure cooker gets the latest recipes from the internet and guides users through each step of cooking on an OLED display. Users can be sure to always use the right amount of food using the integrated weight scale plus integrated pressure sensor for optimum results.

System Benefits​:

  • Recipes are shown on an OLED display, updated via a Wi-Fi connection
    • Guides you through each step of cooking
  • The weight of each food component is measured by an integrated weight scale
  • Pressure controlled by an integrated sensor for optimum cooking results
  • Linearization of cheap sensor element by sensor signal conditioner (SSC)
  • Highest efficiency by low loss, robust insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) driver to control conventional heater
  • Low BOM count and cost
    • Low power Wi-Fi + MCU allows for a low-cost power supply
    • Low-cost temperature measurement via negative temperature coefficient (NTC) with adequate accuracy
  • Modular concept for future versions (e.g., induction heating)
  • Wi-Fi also allows remote firmware updates/upgrades



  • Smart connected pressure cooking pot
  • Do-it-all kitchen assistant
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Winning Combinations

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