The 21st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

DATE March 30, 2023 (Thursday) at 10:00 A.M. JST
METHOD OF HOLDING Shareholders Meeting without a Designated Location (Virtual-Only Shareholders’ Meeting)
(*) Since the Shareholders’ Meeting will be held entirely online, there is no physical venue for shareholders to attend.

[Information about delivery of documents]

   In accordance with the revision of the Companies Act to allow for the electronic provision of documents for General Meetings of Shareholders, we have changed our method of providing documents for the General Meeting of Shareholders from physical to electronic.
   For this reason, the entire documents for the General Meeting of Shareholders (the matters that may be provided in electronic format) are published on our website as "Notice of the 21st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders" as shown below.
   In addition, for our shareholders’ convenience, we will send physical documents containing the outline of the General Meeting of Shareholders, reference documents, a part of the business report, and other information (please see the PDF entitled “Reference” below) to our shareholders on March 10 (Fri), 2023.
   Shareholders who have made a request for delivery of physical documents will be sent the entire shareholder meeting documents (except for the following items, which will be omitted) on the same date.

  • Stock Acquisition Rights, etc.
  • Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Notes to Non-Consolidated Financial Statements

   We appreciate your understanding in light of environmental considerations and other factors.