Package Dimension SOP

Terminology Reference Symbol Description
Nominal dimensions - Mount pad in-line interval
Package length D Largest dimension of the package length excluding terminals
Package width E Largest dimension of the package width excluding terminals
Overall width HE
Dimension including the peripheral terminal length with regard to the package width direction
Seating plane S The surface determined when package is placed on a horizontal surface
Seated height A Height from the seating plane to the highest point of the package
1st standoff height A1 Height from seating plane to base plane (bottom edge of package body)
Package height A2 Package height ( including package warp )
Standard height of soldered point A3 Standard height of 0.25mm from seating plane
Terminal pitch e Terminal pitch. This represents theoretical reference dimension.
Terminal width bp Width of terminal with plating
Terminal width b1 Width of terminal before plating
Terminal thickness c Thickness of terminal with plating
Terminal thickness c1 Thickness of terminal before plating
Length of flat section of terminal L Projection length of flat part of terminal
Length of soldered section of terminal Lp Effective projected length of terminal attachment defined by standard height of soldered part
Terminal length L1 Projection length of terminal
Tolerance value of terminal center position M mark Positional tolerance for center axis of the terminal on seating plane.
Using the maximum material principle, show the tolerance for maximum terminal width. When terminal width is narrow, allowable tolerance is increased by the difference with the maximum width.
Coplanarity y Uniformity of the bottom-most surface of the terminal relative to the datum S (seating plane)
Terminal uniformity angle θ Angle between flat part of terminal and seating plane
Package overhang Z or ZD Distance from center of terminal at the extreme edge of lengthwise direction to package edge