Rz Stream It Kit Box

Video streaming is increasingly becoming a core technology in our lives and not only in entertainment. Security cameras are securing our lives in more and more public places today. Making action videos almost has become a new sport in itself. A whole line-up of high-tech gadgets rely on efficient real-time streaming, including equipment for video chat, teleconferencing and video door phones.

What's the quickest and easiest route to a real-time streaming implementation? The answer is easy — Renesas "Stream it!" kit YSTREAM-IT-RZ.

Our Stream it! kit actually is three kits in one:

  1. Evaluate h.264 video encoding and streaming in real-time with up to 40 frames per second
  2. Reload to make the kit a webserver with integrated sensor data logger
  3. Make it an mp3 player receiving streamed music from your PC.

All this comes in one box, and reloading is just as simple as pushing a couple of buttons.

Renesas also has built a well-proven eco-system of partners for Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and tools, Operating Systems (OS) and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). This includes partners like IAR, ARM, Express Logic, Segger and TES. For Stream it! we also teamed up with Consilient Technologies for h.264 encoding and Oryx Embedded for webserver and internet radio streaming.

Stream it! is a complete and ready-to use demonstration platform, including the "Stream it!" board, a camera module, an evaluation software package with demonstration software and a Quick start guide.

Get your "Stream it!" kit now and start streaming video, music as well as sensor information at once and be ready for the IOT.

Stream it Demonstrations

Stream it! solution kit gives you quick and easy access to three different streaming use cases that can flexibly be evaluated on the same hardware platform. Stream it! is the right starting point for countless streaming applications.

Demonstration 1: Stream it! (Security/Home & Building)

  • Encode and Stream video in real time from Stream it! board
  • Play video on PC with VLC player

RZ Stream IT Diagram

Demonstration 2: Webserver (Industrial/Home & Building)

  • Measure acceleration of 3-axis sensor on Stream it! board
  • Send status information over TCP/IP to PC
Rz Stream IT Diagram

Demonstration 3: Internet Radio (Consumer)

  • Receive MP3 audio file on PC
  • Send audio to Stream it! board, decode and play over head phones
RZ Stream It Diagram
Kit Contents
  • Stream it! board with RZ/A1L embedded MPU
  • Camera module
  • JTAG on-chip debugger
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD-ROM including demos of h.264 video encoding, webserver, internet radio, user manual, video tutorial & more

RZ Stream IT Boards

3D Model
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