This product is a C compiler package for R32C/100 Series MCU. The powerful optimizations offer the ultimate in execution speed and code efficiency, and the utilities increase productivity. Furthermore, the MISRA C Rule Checker can also be purchased. It will help you write high-quality C source code.

Release Information

Latest Ver.: V.1.02 Release 01

Released: Apr 1, 2010

Details of upgrade (See Tool News)

Operating Environment

 Life cycle


  •  This product is included in "C/C++ Compiler Package for R8C and M16C Families". This product is NOT available separately, but only included in the "C/C++ Compiler Package for R8C and M16C Families". To get a free upgrade version, download free updates from the Auto Update Utility or continue using separate on-line upgrade service as before.
  •  "C/C++ Compiler Package for R8C and M16C Families 2011.04" (released on 1 April, 2011) bundles C Compiler Package for R32C Series V.1.02 Release 01A which is identical in functionality with V.1.02 Release 01. If you purchase "C/C++ Compiler Package for R8C and M16C Families", it comes with MISRA C Rule Checker SQMlint V.1.03 Release 00C (identical in functionality with V.1.03 Release 00B).


Processing Flow

Installing this compiler package provides the following environment.

C compiler
Optimizing ANSI C compiler with extensions for embedded systems.
Produces object code for the target MCU from assembly language source files.
Simulator debugger
Provides source level debugging capability in targetless system-level.
IDE (Integrated development environment): HEW (High-performance Embedded Workshop)
Provides seamless integration and easy access to all tools for coding, compiling, linking, and debugging. It greatly increases productivity.


Target Devices

M16C Family R32C/100 Series (32-bit)

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