An evaluation board to develop firmware supporting the Renesas USB Power Delivery (USB PD) Software Development Kit (SDK), and USB PD Exerciser.



RTK-251-DRPEVB Top View

Top View


RTK-251-DRPEVB Bottom View

Bottom View



  • USB Power Delivery and USB Type-CTM
    • One USB Type-CTM port
    • Power Role: Dual Role Power (DRP)
      • Power Source voltage: 5, 9, 15, 20V and other voltages up to 20V
      • Power Sink voltage: 5 to 20V
    • Supports Programmable Power Supply (PPS) function
      • Up to 5VProg supported (3.3V to 5.9V VBUS power supply, additional voltage options are under evaluation)
    • Supports USB Type-CTM Authentication (C-Auth) feature (RTK0EUG011D08010BJ only)
    • Supports USB Power Delivery Firmware Update (PDFU) feature (RTK0EUG011D08010BJ only)
  • Interface
    • LED indicators
      • System power indicator (1 LED, orange)
      • Indicator for R9A02G011 (1 LED, blue)
    • Switch
      • An external interrupt input to R9A02G011
    • On-chip debugging emulator interface
      • Renesas on-chip debugging emulator interface to write and debug firmware for R9A02G011 and RL78/G1C
    • USB Micro-B port
      • Exerciser interface for PC
      • USB Micro-B is connected to RL78/G1C
      • USB Micro-B provides power to RL78/G1C
    • GPIO
      • SMBus master/slave interface of R9A02G011
      • R9A02G011 GPIOs
  • Protections
    • Over Temperature Protection (USB Type-CTM Receptacles)
    • Over Voltage Protection (VBUS voltage)
    • Over Current Protection (VBUS current)
  • Mode Options
    • USB PD Exerciser mode
    • FW Update mode

Block Diagram

RTK251-DRPEVB Block Diagram


Ordering Information

Product Name Orderable Part Number Availability
RTK-251-DRPEVB RTK0EUG011D08000BJ Available
RTK-251-DRPEVB with USB Type-C™ Authentication RTK0EUG011D08010BJ Available

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RTK0EUG011D08010BJ Mass Production Renesas $189.33 1 RTK-251-DRPEVB with USB Type-C™ Authentication 0 聯系代理商 -
RTK0EUG011D08000BJ Mass Production Renesas $177.78 1 RTK-251-DRPEVB 0 聯系代理商 -

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