Renesas offers the broadest and deepest silicon timing portfolio in the industry. In addition to a wide range of oscillator, buffer and clock synthesizer products, we offer leading-edge system timing solutions to resolve timing challenges in wireless infrastructure, networking, data center, and consumer applications. By partnering with industry leaders and investing more in timing insert products than anyone else in the industry, Renesas is consistently at the forefront of PCIe timing solutions for the newest chipsets in the cloud/computing market.

  • VersaClock® portfolio delivers unparalleled solutions at the perfect balance of power, performance, functionality and price.
  • FemtoClock™ portfolio pushed technology to new performance levels, enabling customers to bring to market amazing technology.
  • ClockMatrix™ portfolio features highly integrated, digitally rich PLLs which form the backbone of synchronization in communications and other emerging markets.

About Clock ICs and Clock Timing Integrated Circuit Solutions

A "clock IC" is a broad term used to describe integrated circuits that generate, condition, manipulate, distribute, or control a timing signal in an electronic system. At its most basic level, a clock timing signal oscillates between an electrical high and a low state and is utilized like a metronome to coordinate the actions of circuits. When applied to today's most advanced technologies, clocking ICs must be able to generate accurate clock pulses, and continuously and reliably distribute that signal for use by various timing devices within the system. When operating at such high speeds, system design and environmental factors make it especially challenging to maintain signal quality, often resulting in higher bit error rates (BER) and degraded system performance. Fortunately, Renesas offers a wide range of integrated circuit solutions to meet the stringent system requirements of virtually any application.

Featured Timing Applications


Clock Distribution

Buffers, multiplexers, dividers and level translators

Clock Generation

Programmable PLL-based clock signal sources

Jitter Attenuators with Frequency Translation

PLL devices which clean and synchronize to a given reference

Application-Specific Clocks

Solutions optimized for the specific needs of targeted applications

Crystal Oscillators

Programmable XOs with typical RMS phase jitter down to 120fs

VersaClock® Programmable Clocks

High-performance programmable clock generators to simplify system design


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