Takeo Mimura
Takeo Mimura

Hello, my name is Takeo Mimura. My current responsibility is the RA6T1 Group MCUs, the latest members of the RA MCU Family that are designed to make motor control easy.

This is the second blog following the RA6T1 Motor RSSK Blog posted in October 2020. Today I introduce you to a new  dual motor control environment using the RA6T1 MCU.

First of all, to build this environment, you need to prepare for two kits, one with which is the  RA6T1 motor RSSK (RA6T1 CPU board, Inverter board and motor) and another one which is an additional inverter board including a BLDC motor .


By preparing these kits in the right way, two motors can be controlled by using one RA6T1..
To do so the next step would be  to make some modifications such as mounting pin headers on each board so that the 2nd inverter can be controlled (for the connection of line A). The picture below should illustrate the approach.


There are basically two ways to modify it.

Option 1 : Mount chip resistors and pin headers on the 2nd inverter board, mount the pin header on the CPU card, Prepare an self made cable to connect the CPU card to the 2nd inverter board. 

Option 2 : Ask Renesas sales representative to provide you a  ready made conversion board for connecting the CPU card and the 2nd inverter board. 

The conversion board is not for general sale, this schematic and CAD data are included in the sample project, you can use it to create your own board, but as said we may be able to provide you an unit on request base.
The details of the modifications for Option 1 and Option 2 are described in the related application note as linked below.

RA6T1 : Sensorless vector control for dual permanent magnetic synchronous motor

RA6T1 : Sensorless vector control for dual permanent magnetic synchronous motor ( Link )

Once the modifications have been completed, the preparation for dual motor control evaluation can be started.

Therefore, download the sample project for RA6T1 dual motor control from the Renesas web site, program the provided program to the RA6T1, and you can control the two motors with only one MCU! 

RA6T1 Dual Motor Control Sample Project

To support your evaluation please use the motor control development support tool called "Renesas Motor Workbench" to change the motor control parameters using a GUI.

Several motor control parameters are prepared in the sample program, which can be tuned in accordance to your needs. You will be able to control the motor easily by following the steps described in the application note.

Does it work at your side? If not, let me know.
If you get  interested in this solution by reading this blog, please refer to the application note and try dual motor control. I hope this has been helpful to you..


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