Lighting Systems

Renesas contributes to realizing comfortable and energy-saving by providing solutions such as DALI and digital power supply.


In recent years, building lighting has been required to save energy, maintain less, and create a comfortable space to reduce installation and operation costs and to acquire tenants and users. The keywords to realize these are networking, dimming, and digital power supply.
As a lighting network, there is DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), which is spreading worldwide. Renesas offers DALI solutions that promote networking and digital power supply solutions that achieve dimming and toning. We contribute to the realization of comfortable and energy-saving lighting by providing solutions.

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*Renesas provides semiconductor solutions.


Lighting network example

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Downlight (Analog)

Supports phase dimmer signal and DC current dimming by PWM dimmer signal source.
Outstanding line regulation for easy support of worldwide power input.
Extensive lineup of MOSFETs supporting a wide range of power characteristics.

LED Bulb

Realises high efficiency of 92%, high power factor of 0.9 and high precision LED current control with 0.5% line regulation. Renesas contributes to the LED retrofit market development with dedicated semiconductor products for a wide range of high quality LED bulbs and tubes supporting specific regional requirements such as common platform solutions for various voltages (Vin).

Base Light/Downlight/Outdoor Light (Digital)

Both analog and digital solutions for LED lighting are offered by Renesas.
Full digital solution enables various model development by modifying the software parameters of power control.

Devices for LED Lighting

Introducing microcontrollers, sensors, and driver ICs that can be used for lighting applications.

Communication Evaluation Environment

The communication evaluation environment is a reference solution for developing communication-compatible dimmers (communication masters, DALI switches, sensors), etc. It can also be used to evaluate communication with lamps (DALI, DMX512, infrared communication).



The configuration consists of an LED lighting evaluation environment, software development environment, and communication evaluation environment, providing total support for customers' development efforts. The RL78/I1A used as the control microcontroller integrates LED lighting control and power control functions.


These solutions are suitable for building security systems and deliver low cost and power efficiency alongside highly accurate measurement. Using these reference boards contributes to significantly shorter development time.


Renesas connectivity solutions are available for wireless communication (BLE and Sub-GHz) and wired communication (PLC) applications. They enable customers to build networks linking devices and systems without the need to install new wiring.

User Interface

Renesas HMI solutions comprise microcontrollers incorporating exclusive touch panel sensing technology and a custom development environment that facilitates quick development of high-grade products. There are also solutions that can be used to boost legibility and ease of use with interfaces supporting video and 3D-graphics.