The Renesas high-performance, low-voltage standard logic ICs, and high-speed CMOS FCT, LVC, ALVC logic are key to high-performance computing and communications systems, including servers, storage networks, network switches, routers, and wireless base stations.

The Renesas high-speed CMOS line, FCT (Fast CMOS Technology), is designed for high-current drive bus interface applications. It includes octal line drivers, 16-bit buffers / line drivers, octal bi-directional bus transceivers, 16-bit bi-directional bus transceivers, latches, multiplexers, and high-speed comparator functions.

Specified for both 3.3V and 2.5V operation, Renesas also offers LVC (Low Voltage CMOS) components. These are built for 5V tolerance and hot insertion applications and include buffer driver, bus transceiver, bus transceiver / register, latch, transparent latch, and universal bus transceiver functions.

The Renesas ALVC (Advanced Low Voltage CMOS) products, optimized for high-speed computing, include buffer driver / line driver, latch, and transceiver functions.

About Bus Transceivers
Bus transceivers use CMOS logic gates to facilitate the flow of data within a system by enabling data buses to communicate with each other. Use cases may include two-way data transmission between buses on internal memory and processing devices, or with buses on external devices. Generally, bus transceivers are available as synchronous or asynchronous solutions; sending data in a constant stream or sending data in small groups of varying sizes, respectively. Serial data bus transceivers transmit one bit at a time, while parallel data bus transceivers transmit multiple bits at a time. Renesas bus transceivers come in 8-, 16-, and 32-bit sizes, with two- or three-state outputs, 5V input tolerance, and bus-hold features.

About High-speed Comparator (Digital)
Utilizing a proven architecture built with high-speed CMOS logic gates, digital high-speed comparators are used to compare two bit strings and determine whether they are equivalent. Specifically, the Renesas 74FCT521T is an 8-bit identity comparator fabricated with an advanced dual metal high-speed CMOS technology. These high-speed comparators compare two words of up to eight bits each and provide a low output when the two words match bit for bit. The expansion input IA = B also serves as an active low enable input.

About Line Drivers (Digital)
A digital line driver helps improve the quality of a digital signal over a long cable run by slightly increasing the voltage level of the signal at its source to better “drive” the transmission line. Built using high-speed CMOS logic gates, the Renesas FCT166244T is a 16-bit line driver for bus interface or signal buffering applications requiring high speed and low power dissipation. These devices have a flow-through pin organization, and shrink packaging to simplify board layout. All inputs are designed with hysteresis for improved noise margin. The three-state controls allow independent 4-bit, 8-bit or combined 16-bit operation. The Renesas line driver is suited for very low noise, point-to-point driving where there is a single receiver, or a very light lumped load (<100pF). The line drivers are designed to limit the output current to levels which will avoid noise and ringing on the signal lines without using external series terminating resistors.


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